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Shooting range

«Altaiskii Strelok»

Citizens of Barnaul and quests are invited for outdoor activities:
  • Clay pigeon shooting (automatic espringal for trap-shooting produced by Finnish company “Nasta”)
  • Target-devices shooting
  • Paper and cardboard target shooting
  • Fire for adjustment of sporting and hunting weapons
  • Adjustment of optical sight and its fire
  • Shooting skill instruction and exercise

Help in organization and holding of professional and amateur shooting, competitions, practical training of defense and law enforcement and preinduction of youths.

All those who have weapon license, their own weapon and cartridges are admitted for shooting.

There is a rest room, a chargrill, a microwave and a kettle at call of visitors.

Location map

tel/fax (3852)77-57-35, 77-18-70, 75-25-24
e-mail: marketing@bszholding.ru

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